Address: 117 Wood St, Hopkinton, MA 01748
McIntyre Loam Inc

Landscape Material Pickup and Delivery in Hopkinton, Wrentham and Douglas, MA

Read frequently asked questions we receive at McIntyre Loam Inc to help learn more about our landscaping material pick up and delivery services.
Can I get my order the same day?
You can in most cases. If you call in the morning, you should receive your delivery the same day. To ensure the desired day and two-hour time window, it is best to give us at least a one-day notice.
How do I know how much product I need to order?
Measure the area you need to cover, then call us with the length, width, and depth. Use our Helpful Formulas or give us a call and we'll be glad to assist you.
What color mulch do you have?
The following colors are available:
  • Hemlock — Reddish Brown Color (Not Orange at All)
  • NE Red Blend — Pine and Spruce Mix with a Red Coloring (Very Similar to Hemlock)
  • Pine — Chocolate Brown Color
  • Black Forest — Aged Pine with a Dark Black Coloring

We also carry forest wood chips, clean wood chips, and playground chips.
What is 1” gravel?
1” gravel is a mixture of ¾” crushed stone and stone sand.
What size truck will deliver my order?
If you are ordering up to nine yards or 11 tons of a material, it will come in a six-wheel dump truck. If you are ordering 10-20 yards or 12-24 tons of a material, it will come in a 10-wheel dump truck.